Conjure the fey

Conjure the fey

Moon-time, milk, and honey

or a few coins of money.

Conjure the fey.

Bee hive
Flower and sky

Wild thorn

Wild thorn

Razor bite of your wild thorn

pierces through my flesh.

Staining my soul red.


Shining spotlight, Beauty of your sight

dancing in the moonlight.

Entrapped within your spell.


Winds of embrace

you grasp my soul within your arms.

Devouring me whole.


Not a succubus, nor a vampire

you bring light to the darkness.

With your love.


Beating heart, held in hand.

The power to grant life, or take life

at command.

Sky bird

Sky bird

Air beneath wings

sets her

free as the wind.

Nature love

Nature love

Fresh air is magick

Even when filtered

Through my mask