Doctor Kane T. Metis

In the beginning Doctor Kane T. Metis lived far from a life of luxury. Born September 17, 110 to the nation Tanzanite. His mother Kansara Teval Asmid and father Reggie Kriston Metis did everything they could to make possible for the success of young Kane. Going so far as to uprooting their simple lives, to migrate to the land opportunity. The family of three immigrated to the Delphic Regime, when Kane was but a young child. There they quickly found residence in the welcoming capitol of Ashar. The three of them lived a rather standard life, like many of the proud nation. Grunt work was all but common and such Reggie had taken work at the local water treatment plant, leaving Kansara to tend to that of young Kane.

Kane T. Metis became a soldier of the Regime at the age of 18. In exchange for his service to that of his country, he was offered the education of a lifetime. Such opportunity is not easily surpassed. After years of attending University Under City of the Elite (UUCE) Kane T. Metis attained his Doctorates in the field of cybernetics; all at an impressive age of 24. His work within the community along with his devotion to his passion had earned him quite the respect alongside his fellow peers, and it was not long until he captured the attention of Empress Nyx.

War had consumed the great Delphic Regime and the need for soldiers was great. Doctor Metis was soon drafted upon a mission of top secrecy serving the will and testimony of his commander-in-chief. Such an assignment would haunt him till his dying days. Returning from the war in the year 139 a now sullen Doctor had become a changed man, his devotion to his country had vanished… Science, and solitude were his only desires. The Empress sought pity upon her child and such granted him asylum at Bearthorn Collage of the Magical, and Devin (BCMD) where man continued to work on his research.

The time residing at Bearthron was none to pleasing to the estranged Doctor. It was a rather dark time in his history, and one that he spoke little of. What he was willing to convey was the fact that the opportunity allowed him to focus on his research, and to do so undisturbed by that of the raging war of mankind; for such the case, he was grateful.

Chance had favored the good Doctor. It in the year147, the Doctor Metis had been offered an opportunity of a life time. One should take into consideration that the Empress is not a woman of grand gesture, yet she saw promise in the not so young man of science such she charmed him out of seclusion by building a monument in his honor.

Metis Laboratory Institute was founded by Empress Nyx who managed, and oversaw the construction of M.L.I. It was not long until the institute became the technological beacon of hope for that of the new world. The good Doctor worked at M.L.I.  for a total of 8 years where he taught, and assisted in some of the greatest industrial advances of the decade. Yet age had crept upon the man, no longer was he young, and such to preserve his knowledge he took on a portage. His final act before hanging his hat up for retirement.

Retirement came easily to the man, for after all serving one’s country comes with such luxuries. The Regime was more than grateful for his contribution, and such they supplied him with comforts that only the privileged could fathom. His humble abode was far from the shack of a house he had during his childhood. Aged, and comforted to a life of leisure he lived alone in a sturdy log cabin that was truly quaint, and quiet. The perfect sanction to spend one’s retirement.


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