Authors Notes: Writing My World

Years ago, when I first started upon my project, I did not intend for it to become so involved. To be quite honest, it was just going to be another run in the mill fantasy blurb. The magic about writing is sometimes; well let’s face it most of the time, I have no control over the extent of my creative inspiration. Such was the case, for after my first few chapters I realized that my short story had transformed into something far greater. I had created a life of its own.


I have found that when inspiration takes hold, characters are not written they are grown. The transformation of their journey has been one of the most fascinating aspects of my writing; witnessing many who started off having side rolls with a minor and overall dismal performances; shape into powerful players of the story arch. Needless to say, character design has become a favored hobby of mine.

 I find myself arguing with my characters form time to time, I have no idea if that is a good sign or not, but it is comical to say the least. The original draft, started off with Doctor Metis being my main character. I then realized that the story was off balance, so I inserted Raeona as my narrator, and she soon took the helm; as I stated before my characters have a mind of their own.

Well that concludes my first batch of Authors Notes, there are to be many more on the way!

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