Authors Notes

Let’s put a new spin on Monday, no longer does Monday have to be a word of dread. You can relax because there is a place you  can stop by and forget about all the troubles of the day. I am talking about my blog of course! I understand that life is stressful, as I tell all my friends, “don’t forget to breath.”

It is the beginning of a new week that means (big breath) I have lots of updates heading your way! I plan on posting on my blog at least 4 per week, starting on Mondays. This way you are kept  informed about my life, and the progression of Humanity Under Siege, all well giving you the inside peek of its vast and magical world. This week is sure to be a busy one, I have lots of exciting snippets, and I am currently editing a Bio (location) which is set to be released, within the next day.

Well that Bio is not going to edit itself which means its my favorite time of the day, EDIT TIME!


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