People Watching

People watching

He stares at me; our eyes meet from afar.

I lower my head for the man is anything but a pleasant sight.

Already I can smell the stench of his retched life as it wafts off  the tattered rags.

Rags that he called his cloths…

The two of us stand side by side in silence, each very much aware of each other’s presence.

Silence drifts between us…

Each of us lost in our own thoughts.

Still he stares…

Why must he stare?

His eyes… I will never forget the look in his eyes for they longed ever so for the life that I had taken so easily taken for granted.

A life that for him had long since passed.


I turned my back as the two of us still stood in silence.

My thoughts drifting once again to him.

Still he stairs. “He is watching me…”

His somber eyes that have seen the true darkness of this retched world, burned into the back of my head.

I step to my right as if he were diseased.

I am so ashamed…

seemingly he sensed my discomfort.

For immediately he began to shift his attention to that of the moon.

Now it is I who stairs.

I stare at him in silence…

We are two people from opposite ends of the world.

Yet we need not to say a word to know what the other was thinking.

We were one and the same.

The night was growing late and my eyes had begun to tire.

I turned to make my way home

Still lost in though…

Then out of the darkness he spoke but one word “goodnight.”


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