Silk Petals

Silk petals

Silk petals mimic that of lady parts that society tells us to shun.

 Beauty remains alone in an overgrown field of weeds.

Seduction wavers in the breeze, waiting for the hand of man to deprive her of her soul.

 Beauty so raw, and ravaged… Still she holds it sacred,

Selfishly I crave her flower to be my own, silk petals between my fingertips… to pluck.

innocence from the earth.

Yet… her gift is not mine to own.

Raw, naked, exposed… yet thriving none the less

Surviving the test of the elements.

A life none the less

A life of her own…

Such a innocence is best not disturbed

Unchallenged beauty…

With mercy, I smile.

With regret, I pass her by.

 leaving her once again alone…

Thriving, surviving amongst the weeds…

To flourish in that of a garden of her own creation.


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