It starts with a tingling in the base of your spine

Electricity flowing through your soul

Pulsing within the body

grounding life…

Alive the current flows just below the navel

A river of your soul

Coursing through the body

Emotional realm…

A world pool begins to form in your stomach

Swirling vortex of the soul

Confusion and illusion purged

Controlling fire…

Current turns to rapids that consume the heart

Raging through the soul

Love, compassion, everything in-between

Releasing blockage…

Channeled the water calms entering the throat

Shallow voice of the soul

Mute no longer, free to speak the mind

Singing truth…

The mind awakens as the tingling resumes between the imaginary eye

Intuition soothes the soul

Energy collides, creativity inspired

Eyes open…

Turbulence resumes, agony taking hold peaking at the crown

Consciousness takes the soul

From pain and suffering comes bliss

Thousand petals…


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