Humanity Under Siege: Volume 1 The Rift

A world set in the realm of magic, and wonder. Humanity Under Siege: Volume 1 The Rift, is the first in a series of upcoming Sci-Fi Fantasy fiction presented in a post-apocalyptic fashion. Currently the project is in its final stages where it is being edited by myself, chapters revised and conditioned. My goal is to have the draft finished by early spring (March 2019) then it is off to the editors, and cover artist for its final reviews before it will be released to the world.

Humanity Under Siege Volume 1: The Rift

1st pov.

HUS is narrated and written by Raeona M. Wildman a young witch who has taken it upon herself to document the events of her past. Her story the Curse of the Human Spirit. The writings of Raeona revolves around the retired veteran Dr. Kane t, Metis, a grumpy old man who wants nothing more than to recluse with a bottle of brandy until his dying days. After serving his country in a war against mutant titan race (whose appearance has plagued humanity for as long as he could remember) the old man is all but tired of war. Unfortunately for the Doctor, his past has finally caught up with him and he has no time for rest as the veteran of science and war is scooped onto an adventure with the most uncanny of witches. Reuniting to a disband covenant of misfits the old man embarks on a quest to to save the world from a monster of his own creation. Forced to confront with his past the old doctor must face the challenge of letting go of his ego as he finds himself once again under training in an age where he is far from his youth.

Ravens flight

“Agents of the night
Ravens of flight
Taking flight… into the night

Agents of the night
Swift strife
Ride forth… agents of the night.”

– Mother Freyia’s Nursery Rhymes for the Sound of Mind

2nd pov

With a vendetta against the old doctor Metis and hate filling her every breath the young agent Wolf ventures down a path that will take her from the grey into darkness. After learning the truth about her past, the young restless agent retires her badge embracing her inner with. The apprentice of Death and darkness sets upon a quest that will test the very nature of her humanity and bring forth a justice that has long remained uncleaned.