Humanity Under Siege: Volume 1 The Rift

A world set in the realm of magic, and wonder. Humanity Under Siege: Volume 1 The Rift, is the first in a series of upcoming fantasy fiction presented in a post-apocalyptic fashion. Sounds conventional, yet I guarantee it is anything but the sorts.

Narrated through the cheeky perspective of Reaona M. Wildman, a young witch who has taken it on herself to document the past. Her witty commentary, is overall welcomed due to the dark, and foreboding nature of the world in which she resides. Although she remains pivotal to the books transgression; the primary focus of the plot remains upon a Doctor Kane T. Metis.

The story arch chronicles the journey of the old Doctor as he is forced out of his life of solitude. Soon finding himself upon a adventure with two very uncanny witches. I am not going to go into details because I by no means want to spoil the book, and its overall magically experience.

The contents below contain a synopsis of my upcoming novel Humanity Under Siege: Volume 1 The Rift.  I hope you enjoy!


Humanity Under Siege: Volume 1 The Rift.

Ravens flight

“Agents of the night
Ravens of flight
Taking flight…  into the night
Agents of the night
Swift strife
Ride forth… agents of the night.”
–  Mother Freyia’s Nursery Rhymes for the Sound of Mind

The dark agents of the Regime are on the hunt. Seeking Doctor Metis for their own perversion. They will stop at no cost to possess the secrets that he keeps locked within his mind. Uprooted from his life of solitude the old man suddenly finds himself, cast alongside two uncanny witches. With the help of his companions, they embarked on a journey taking Doctor Metis to a place that he swore he would never go to again.

Magic has called him home, as he crosses over the dividing Rift that has kept their worlds separate for so many years. Now he must confront time and memory to save both their worlds from the inevitable destruction that he had so unwillingly let loose upon humanity.