Riverbank View

Riverbank View

Walking the Tracks

train tracks II.jpg

Morning Dew Drops

Morning Dew Drops

Dew drops.jpg

Dew drops sparkle amongst the morning sun
Bringing life to natures critters
Morning drips and drops
Water equals life
Beautiful life

Bridge From Afar

20170723_141540(1) II.jpg

Bridge From Afar II


Bridge From Afar III


Eno River
Durham NC


Happy Monday!

Taking a moment to reflect, it is hard to believe that we only have two weeks left in July. This has been a fantastic month, full of growth and inspiration, and I could not have made it this far without all of your support! Thank you all for being amazing!

Okay now that reflection and appreciations are passed I can get down to business. This week is going to be full of magic, I have poetry, pictures and much surprises heading your way for if you did not get the memo that I shouted out last night I am in the midst of remolding my homepage, making it as user friendly as possible, and allowing a complete display of my portfolio.  My hopes are to have it all completed by the end of the week, and so far things are going according to schedule. I will keep you all updated along the way!

Silk Petals

Silk Peatles.png

Geometrical Constellation (original)




Random Woods

Randome Woods.jpg


Talking to Plants

talking to the trees.jpg

Shhh… Can you hear her speaking.

The endless chatter of the universe.

Whisper of her breath… upon the evening breeze.

Taunting, endless laughter of the forest of illusion…


Country Bird


Hidden between the shades of grey, lies a rainbow of unfathomable  beauty.

-Soren J. Johnsen

City Bird and the Trees.png