Riverbed walk

I went on a walk along the Riverbed the other day. Took some amazing pictures and wanted to share them with you all.

Protection resin

Hey universe, I started a TikTok channel. The theme is self love. I will be posting things that I make to sell. Reiki videos, and workout routines.

These pictures are what the resin looks like when completely solidified.

Note, that these pictures are from previous protection resins and not the one in the video that is located in the link down below.

Love and light!


Mirror work

Mirror work

Discarded energy.
To fix a broken man.
Feeding the ego.
Full corse meals of delusion.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
The voice inside is so small.
Smothered by love.
Silenced by time.

Yet still she breathes.

Water the garden within.
Keep the mind free from weeds.
Feed the starving child.
Self love is the best source of vitamins.



She walks with light, like the suns first kiss. Lips caressing the sky, such beauty makes the clouds blush.


Made of stardust, the universe sparkles in her eyes. Pools of water that are filled with the seas of knowledge, endless depths of beauty.


Fields of green paint her skin, life blooming upon her touch. The gentle embrace of the, all caring mother?

Or perhaps the warmth of a fellow lover…