Come closer my love so I may whisper these words in your ear.
Words of empathy, spoken through actions long before they ever passed through my lips.
Words of forgiveness… not for your sake, but for that of my own sanity.
Words of release, an end to the internal war that constantly wages within.
With these words I:
Unearth the shame.
Ground the guilt.
Root the pain… as it flows into the earth of our sacred mother.
I whisper those three words you so desperately wish to hear.

You are forgiven…

I speak them out loud manifesting intentions to the universe.
Not for your sake, for you lost that power over me a great many moons ago.
But for the sake of love:
Love for my soul.
Love for my growth.
Self love which is never selfish….
You are forgiven… my love.

So go now in peace.

-Soren Johnsen


  Iron Rose

Iron rose

Once she was a caterpillar who consumed but leaves.
Bumbling about life, praying to make it to tomorrow.
She hummed a song of trust that did not need words.
Instinctively knowing that the universe would give her strength to make it to see tomorrow’s day.

When the time came, she made her cocoon out of silk.
Building her home under the ghost of a rose.
Here she lay in her state of metamorphosis.
Body decomposing as silk petals wilted.

Flesh fading as the color turned to grey.

Every night she would prey.
Body vulnerable, displayed naked before the world.

With but the thorns of her rose protector as her sword and shield… she would be victorious.
Her she would make her most magickal transformation of all.

Wings bent and stiff, drying from abuse.
Blooming forth, with colors of vibrancy.

A beauty so bright that God himself cried upon sight.

 Rising form the dead, the goddess did not wilt, nor crumble.
Alive with an appetite and hunger for life… she took a moment to breath.
The iron rose that protected her from harm now set her free.
Wings stretched out with pride and dignity… the queen took to the sky.

Sometimes she would return to her favorite garden, to sip nectar from his sweet embrace.
Giving thanks to the iron rose who had provided safety during her time of growth.
Yet she was no longer bound to his cage, and she would always fly free.
Knowing that no force in the universe could clip her wings.

Not even God can stop her now.

-Soren Johnsen

Tinkerbell leaves home

Tinkerbell leaves home

We met in the land of make believe, together we traveled across the seven seas.
My heart and soul set free from responsibility, and all things tethered to reality.
My wings were young, my heart was old. I wanted nothing more than to be your soul…mate.

We spent years together or was it only a blink in time.
Reality slowly unraveled, as you pulled the strings of my mind.
False reality, founded upon unrealistic dreams.

Here in never ever land all is not what it seems.

Bound to fantasy we danced in the wild.
Youthful bliss, the insanity of a child.
My heart sought the man I wanted you to be…
Yet that again was false reality… otherwise known as insanity.

You were a lost boy, forever a child at heart.
And I knew then we would eventually part.
The boy who cried wolf… I now see through the lies.
I spread my wings and took to the sky.

Fairy dust trailed under wing.
Unsure of what the real world would bring.
Leaving the boy, who refused to be a man behind.

Rebuilding my world one breath at a time.

-Soren Johnsen

Undeveloped film

Undeveloped film

Earth kneading beneath my fingers.

Time lingers.

Memory framing picture in mind.

If only for a moment in time.

Kneeling to pray with hands planted against the earth.

Deep breath in without second thought.

Exhale the insanity that the world has taught… us all.

Roots pushing into the soil.

Tenderizing the turmoil.

Grounding the earth threading ever so deep.

Air fresh and clean, photograph undeveloped and yet to be seen.

Hand and hand, we share a moment of time.

Alone in nature, where the mountain once met the sea.

Roots planted; we sit against earth’s wisest tree.

The universe gazes at our bodies… displayed naked before the world.

Breeze brushing past our hair, yet we do not care.

Let the universe stare…

Water spraying her mist into the breeze.

You give my hips a squeeze… SCREAMS of a thousand bees, pollinating the plants and

Birds, bees, your hips, and my knees.

Evolution upon your kiss, whispering upon the winds of change and chance.Lost in gravitation
pull and trance.

Sweet romance.

Rock beneath my feet, back against the tree. Life flowing between you and me and the
dead sea…

The siren of time has taken my soul to where there is no turning back.

Single tree of shelter, overhanging a cliff of uncertainty. Yet here with you beside
me… I remain steady as the sea, tree, and the rock.

Fire of the sun shining from the sky.

Hourglass of time forever passes by.

Memory has come to fog the mind as eyes begin to tire.

Arm in arm we watch the setting flames of the bright ball of fire.

Mountains carving out a safe space where I can be held in the warmth of your embrace.

Soren Johnsen