Melissa and Soren are two conduits for universal energy, environmentalists and artists from Durham, NC. Both are interested in using their powers of empathy, and connection to metaphysical realms to help heal humans, animals and the Earth. The practice of wrapping crystals in copper wire is to enhance the natural vibrations of the stones, whilst unleashing their inner magik with the highly conductive copper wire and other materials. The intentions of the artists include universal love, compassion, protection, peace, hope, abundance, good will, gravitas, and synergy with the Earth-body connection. The crystals are hand-picked and have been sourced from museums of natural science, local art stores, bead fairs, and metaphysical shops.

From our hands to yours, we wish you peace!

Items are hand-crafted, making each a one-of-a-kind.

Great for gifts, jewelry, shrines, alters, offerings, metaphysical healing

7-day refund policy

~Love and Light~

Melissa and Soren