Curse of the human spirit

In honor of the amazing and brave individuals across my nation and beyond who are protesting their right to exist in a world where they can freely be seen and heard, (not talking about the ones who just want haircuts).

Curse of the human spirit

Eyes closed to that which comfort ceases.

A reminder of a sin that repeats through time.

Pattern of abuse aided by the cycle of insanity.

Minds conditioned from birth.

Words of false freedom.

Lies to fill the belly of the beast.

And such the next generation is born.


Division through democracy.

Coin of chance that favors those of the few.

Thoughts repressed for fear of change.

Yet one cannot silence history.

You can rewrite history and repackage it with a shiny label.

You can sell history to the highest bidder.

Yet you cannot silence the voice of the people.


Thoughts cannot be controlled, only stalled.

Minds cannot be repressed only stagnated.

Human spirit cannot be bound only weighed down, by the insanity of the material world.

By those of the privileged.

By those democracy has come to favor.

They can try to divide the people and so history has shown to be part of the cycle.

Yet when we stand united, with our eyes open to the present, never forgetting the past…it is then that we can work to build a future.


A future that does not just favor the few.

A future that is not divided by democracy.

A future in which humanity comes first before profit.

-Love & Light

Photos taken by Soren

Hello universe!

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Love and light!

Dark heart

Dark heart

Take my hand my dear.

Together we will fly through the stars of the night soar through the shadows and darkness that clouds the mind.

Keep your eye open, do not dare blink.

 Feel my hands, finger pulling forth the veil that separates the world of dreams.

Yet heed my warning love, this path is not without trial.

You can expect to see countless demons of the night.

 You may be forced to gaze into the faces of the past, faces twisted and contorted by memory.


 Beyond the fear of the unexplained… sifting through madness of one’s own thoughts.

 Forever pushing through the thick webs of toxicity, the outside oppression of one’s own universe.

 Just when it seems like darkness shall swallow you whole and forever leave you in the presence of shadows comes a glimmer of hope.

That light is within your heart my dear.

Within each of us, ready to ignite upon a spark if only warmed with the love of one’s own compassion.

It is not always an easy light to find.

I too have seen the dark catacombs of one’s minds and on some days it feels all but impossible.


I too have seen the dark catacombs of one’s minds.

 Remember, that even when the pain swells in your heart, consumes the soul to the point of dismantlement please do not ever let go of that precious light of hope.

Expect tears my love.

 Tears of joy, tears of agony… tears for everything in between and for those who you never thought to shed again.

 Despite the darkness of the universe, let your light provide chariot and balance.

You need not to wonder in the darkness forever only to trust your own vibration.

The light of your heart.

Reality in contradiction

Reality in contradiction

Poach my vibration.

Level me to the ground.

Surge the negative energy.

Dark thoughts amplified.

Horrifying images that forever scare my mind.

Technological noise… that drowns out bliss.

These are the trials of the modern world.

A world where the prospect of hope lies in the fool’s heart.

Emotions frowned upon.

The age of the organics slowly breaks down

Chaos is the new serenity in return insanity becomes rationalized to the normal.

A virtual paradox of our on concoction.

Pills to make you happy and strong, keeping the mind fogged… for one is not to question that of their worlds reality.

The curse of the virtual world.

Blind we wander aimlessly about, minds conditioned and cleaned.

The future of our world looks bleak for the flesh of humanity… yet still in the darkest of hours we must hold onto the prospect of hope.

Can you hear her heart beating?

Freedom and the pursuit of happiness is but a dream… but oh how beautiful a dream can be.

Beauty wilted; the nightmare rose resumes to climb her trellis.

Silk petals raining down upon her feet, tears for the many who stay forever cursed.

Roots firmly planted her growth is strong, despite the inevitable climb.

Once upon a time she too thought their way.

Foolishly feverishly cling to the theory that hope for the future lies in the hearts and hands of the delicate system of illusion.

Then one day her dream turned into a nightmare.

Looking glass cracking as reality seeped through, and so the rose begun her ascent into the unknown.

Climbing her trellis despite the damage of the pending reality.

Empowered from within, empowered by thought, empowered by hope.

The sweet beautiful nightmare that is hope.

Talking to the universe: Smile

Talking to the universe: Smile

Hi universe, it is me Soren.

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on our journey.

Once upon a time, I was very lost.

I hid from my true self…sometimes there are still shadows of those days.

Then we have our little talks.

You remind me to smile, even when I do not feel like doing so.

Not because society deems it to be so, you have taught me to not give a damn opinions of the week minded.

Emotions of the past, present and future they swirl about and sometimes they make it even harder to put that smile on.

Insecurities of the fabricated mind.

judgment of one’s own thoughts.

Temperance has been my enemy and my friend.

Balance sometimes all but impassable to achieve

You have taught me that this is all but human.

Not all days are successful and you have taught me that is perfectly acceptable.

Not all smiles are viable form the outside.

There are days one cannot shine their outer light and instead relies on the internal flame for guidance.

Someday s that vibration gets clouded, when the darkness of the world seeps into my soul and I find myself at your mercy.

These are the days that you come to me, as a friend.

You tell me to smile and I take your words to heart.

Even when my smile does not show and remains hidden to be seen by only that of my own shadow.

Heart and wilted daisy

Heart and wilted daisy

Passing light

Faded beauty

Still silhouette

Time’s embrace

Fleeting memory

Blinking moments

Still heart