Cycle of the heart

Cycle of the heart

Drumming of my heartbeat.
Pulsing with the song of dying love.
Tear it out slowly.
Changing of seasons.
Love that burned a fiery red.
Left to smolder within the ashes.
Years of neglect.
That left your arteries swollen.
Threatening to suffocate the soul.
Death is just the beginning.
Then comes gestation.
Decay, and lastly rebirth.
You can take my heart.
Hold it in your hand.
Drown the love.
Life survives.
Reborn from the carnage.
Sprouting change within.
Splinter embedded within the heart.
Embrace the change.
Feel the release.

Outside the looking glass

Outside the looking glass

Perspective askew.

Images in mirror may appear distorted, well traversing…

down the rabbit hole.

Rose Magick

Rose Magick

Silk petals glitter in the sun.

Sprinkled with dew drop diamonds

that sparkle before my eyes.

Vote him out

Vote him out

Season of change.

Voice of the people,

speaks freely, or forever be without peace.