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Purple Haze

purple haze

Country Bird


Hidden between the shades of grey, lies a rainbow of unfathomable  beauty.

-Soren J. Johnsen

City Bird and the Trees.png

Mountain Cloud

Although vision maybe clouded when the mind remains free the world becomes visible.

-Soren J. Johnsen


Clouded View

Mountain cloud original

Clouded View II

mountain cloud.png

Clouded View III

Mountain cloud II.png

Clouded View IV

Mountain cloud IV

Clouded View V

Mountain cloud V





Universal Ashtray

Teeth stained, much more so than a cup of coffee

Stress eased… a moment to relax

One puff, two puffs, three….


Art of smoking

Ashtray .png

Art of smoking II

Ashtray II




Silently Watching


You watch me from afar


I know not your intentions


First glance reveals true intentions


Paths divided by separate worlds


You watch me from afar


Heart lost under your spell


Tranquil music of a goddess


Mankind and nature at peace


Little Bird

negative bird.png

Little Bird II

negative bird II

Little Bird III

Grey bird.png


lost keys


                                         Misplaced keys

                                         Hidden in plain sight

                                         Lost amongst the many…