Another perfect treescape

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Love bug!

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Wrightsville Beach: Evening Adventure




Between the Grey


Shadow and Light



Update: I’m back baby!


Friends and fans!

Wow it’s been a long time right!

But fear not there has been much magic produced within the passage of time.

Just recently I revisited a very special place


Dried Tobacco

Duke home

This was a vet fun shot to take. The lighting was amazing that day!

I found the perfect place to play with the shadows!

Played a little longer…

Then this happened. The green dot has been debunked as a lens flare not an orb.

There was some more flare action.

By this point I was beginning to feel as if this was the next set of a J. J Abrams flick. He was probably behind me with the camera the entire time!

The next day this happened!

Candles everywhere!

And more candles… Apparently they are lighting them Dec 1 and Dec 8.

I love this one!

Here are some random shots of the area!



One last picture!

Have a magical day/ night. I will update soon.

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Adventure in the Durham

Art is Everywhere

Dirty Durham: Tourists

Hole in the Wall

View of the Durham

West Point on the Eno: Watermill

West Point on the Eno: Watermill II

West Point on the Eno: Watermill III

Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods II

Walk in the Woods III

Talking to the Trees

Talking to the Trees II

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods II

Cabin in the Woods III


Signs II

Signs III

Left Behind: Trash Art




Three Crows

Three Crows

Three Crows 1.5

Three Crows II

Three Crows 2.5

Three Crows III

Three Crows 3.5

Three Crows IV


I have passed by this old county store countless times over the years, and yet yesterday I saw this landmark as if it were the first time…

Catsburg I

Catsburg II

Catsburg III

Catsburg 3.5

Catsburg IV