Through the looking glass

Through the looking glass

Words stain the walls of time

The voice of the people

Sing in the pursuit of happiness

Tunnel art

Flower for the cause


Reality unhinged

Reality unhinged

Shadows cloud the sky

Emotions raw and untapped

Giving power to the voice

Of the people

Words that manifest change

In the wake of devastation.


Down with oppression

Fuck the dominance of the imperial heart

Chain the hands of the abuser

Throw away the key

Dismantle the mirage that has given birth to such insanity.


Silence…Fuck that too

How dare you shun your eyes

Pretending not to see

That is a luxury

One of your own ignorance

One that will inevitably condemn you to your own damnation.


Eyes open… all three

Channeling the energy

Manifesting change

The cards have fated no justice

Not until all can live in peace.