I have passed by this old county store countless times over the years, and yet yesterday I saw this landmark as if it were the first time…

Catsburg I

Catsburg II

Catsburg III

Catsburg 3.5

Catsburg IV



Anonymous Pixelated Kittens


Pixelated Kitten II

Pixelated Kittens III


Friends and fans, I have great news!

I just did a massive update on my homepage, which is in the midst of a huge remodel. Which I hope to be finished with by the end of next week, more information will be included tomorrow during the weekly update. In the meantime. In the meantime please feel free to enjoy the updated content, including a massive black and white gallery with about 30 pictures as well as a display of floral shots!

I have linked the titles of my photos to my website so just click away at your leisure.

I hope you enjoy.


Flower amongst the Weeds

Flower Amongst the Weeds

Little Seed Big Tree

little seed big tree.jpg

Kissed by Erosion

Kissed by Erosion Original.jpg

Crape Myrtle II

crape myrtle II

Austin Cat

Austin Cat

Austin Cat.png

Austin Cat II

Austin Cat III

Austin Cat III

Austin Cat II.png

My dear friend and companion Mr. Austin Cat

Hunter by night

Cuddles by day

Kitty, kitty has so much to say…

Thanks for the photo shoot Austin!