New beginnings

New beginnings

Painted wings of the phoenix, resurrected form the fires of change.

A new beginning, out of the end of an era.

Beauty mirroring the sadness within.


Once upon a time, I feared such change.

Choosing to shatter the mirror, than to face my own reflection.

Where once I saw a stranger, I now see a friend.


Darkness, love, and light.

Shadow being my own best friend. Following me till the end…of the road.

Between the shades of grey… this is where I stray. Stopping to stay…if only for just a while.


Blooming into manifestation.

Ember petals falling from her silhouette.

Scorching the earth with the footprint of her resurrection.  

Memory of a daydreamer

Reality unhinged

Reality unhinged

Shadows cloud the sky

Emotions raw and untapped

Giving power to the voice

Of the people

Words that manifest change

In the wake of devastation.


Down with oppression

Fuck the dominance of the imperial heart

Chain the hands of the abuser

Throw away the key

Dismantle the mirage that has given birth to such insanity.


Silence…Fuck that too

How dare you shun your eyes

Pretending not to see

That is a luxury

One of your own ignorance

One that will inevitably condemn you to your own damnation.


Eyes open… all three

Channeling the energy

Manifesting change

The cards have fated no justice

Not until all can live in peace.

Twin flame

Twin Flame

Two paths

Souls traversing parallel journeys

Yet every so often they converge

Two hearts, reuniting as one

The reunion of the twin heart.


First comes trust

Most always there is a magnetic connection

Instinctively each knows that life has changed

Confusion usually follows

Then comes the sorrow.


Perhaps one has a partner

Perhaps the other is gay

Perhaps the universe has chosen to divide them

One cannot surpass fate

Division for the twin flame is all but inevitable.


Two hearts once again separate

Separate beats

Separate souls

Yet each has taken a new experience with them

A new light in times of uncertainty.


Sometimes the story has a happy ending

Some flames beat the odds

Some twins split to travel down life’s journey only to reunite again somewhere down the road

Others never see each other again, a sad but true fate…

Yet each twin remains evolved.


In the end the twin flame experience is one known only to those who have experienced its emotion. Perhaps it is sought and manifested by those who have yet to attain its flame.  A true paradox of its existence.