Heart and wilted daisy

Heart and wilted daisy

Passing light

Faded beauty

Still silhouette

Time’s embrace

Fleeting memory

Blinking moments

Still heart

Ode to M

Ode to M

Chained and bound by the hands of destiny.

Love sparked through the beating of feathered wings.

Eyes of brow, dark and full of a mother’s light.

Strength of a warrior, one who leads the victorious through life and the unfortunate to their demise.

Wisdom of the crone, one who has witness countless lives.

Not all will fly upon your wigs of embrace, for to do so comes at such a cost…

Strength through devotion honor dedicated of thine heart, through both darkness and the grey.

Rose Garden


Scent of beauty, upon the distant wind.

Silk petals  shed like tears.

Ushering in the season of transformation.