Black Heart

Black Heart

Sunshine and green trees are all that I need to be enticed outdoors. Today, the sun is shining and the air is slightly more humid for my taste. There is a breeze which energizes me with each step and I find myself taking out my camera.  

This is Soren Johnsen, and I welcome you to MoonandStoneCraft.

Sorry I have been away for a while. You know how life is and all, you start one project and find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of unlimited possibilities.

Anyways I am back, and I took some interesting pictures on my walk today.

I started my adventure down the Bolin Creek Trail. I have walked this trail so many times that I have lost track of count. Today was a little different.

Trail markers are not usually unique, in fact they are kind of expected for any adventure. The trail leads form one side of town to the other. My mind was in that state of mind, whee it really needed some nature love, and that is when I found them. The messages, painted on rocks. Words from the heart that flowed down the path of the trail.

I am calling this chapter Black Heart for obvious reasons. I hope you enjoy.

I hope you found this virtual nature walk enchanting. Perhaps even inspirational.

Thank you for stopping by.

– Have a magickal day/night y’all.


Cycle of the heart

Cycle of the heart

Drumming of my heartbeat.
Pulsing with the song of dying love.
Tear it out slowly.
Changing of seasons.
Love that burned a fiery red.
Left to smolder within the ashes.
Years of neglect.
That left your arteries swollen.
Threatening to suffocate the soul.
Death is just the beginning.
Then comes gestation.
Decay, and lastly rebirth.
You can take my heart.
Hold it in your hand.
Drown the love.
Life survives.
Reborn from the carnage.
Sprouting change within.
Splinter embedded within the heart.
Embrace the change.
Feel the release.

Dark heart

Dark heart

Take my hand my dear.

Together we will fly through the stars of the night soar through the shadows and darkness that clouds the mind.

Keep your eye open, do not dare blink.

 Feel my fingers pulling forth the veil that separates the world of dreams.

Yet heed my warning love, this path is not without trial.

You can expect to see countless demons of the night.

 You may be forced to gaze into the faces of the past, faces twisted and contorted by memory.


 Beyond the fear of the unexplained… Sifting through madness of one’s own thoughts.

 Forever pushing through the thick webs of toxicity, the outside oppression of one’s own universe.

 Just when it seems like darkness shall swallow you whole, and forever leave you in the presence of shadows. There comes a glimmer of hope.

That light is within your heart my dear.

Within each of us, ready to ignite upon a spark if only warmed with the love of one’s own compassion.

It is not always an easy light to find, for the light hides from the eyes

Eyes that squint under its brightness and beauty.


I too have seen the dark catacombs of one’s minds.

 Remember, that even when the pain swells in your heart, consumes the soul to the point of dismantlement please do not ever let go of that precious light of hope.

Expect tears my love.

 Tears of joy, tears of agony… tears for everything in between and for those who you never thought to shed again.

 Despite the darkness of the universe, let your light provide chariot and balance.

You need not to wonder in the darkness forever only to trust your own vibration.

The light of your heart.

Heart and wilted daisy

Heart and wilted daisy

Passing light

Faded beauty

Still silhouette

Time’s embrace

Fleeting memory

Blinking moments

Still heart