She walks with light, like the suns first kiss. Lips caressing the sky, such beauty makes the clouds blush.


Made of stardust, the universe sparkles in her eyes. Pools of water that are filled with the seas of knowledge, endless depths of beauty.


Fields of green paint her skin, life blooming upon her touch. The gentle embrace of the, all caring mother?

Or perhaps the warmth of a fellow lover…

Floral Intimacy


Sexual Flower

sexual flower

Sexual Flower II

sexual flower




Geometrical Constellation


Nature remains illusive to the naked eye.

A subtle vibrancy overlooked by that of the commoner.

Patterns of complex beauty remain hiding in plain sight.

A geometrical constellation witnessed by many, seen by the few…



Naked the body is but raw beauty



Emotions bleed forth as I weep in natural form…

Exposed raw to the world standing alone

Always alone…

Love is but sadness…

Beautiful sadness…

Here I stand in all my beauty…

my soul exposed… naked to the world