Farmland Adventures

Flower and the Bee

Shadow Flower




Chickens II

Beyond the Naked Eye

still life

A view of the world from the perspective of one of Earth’s smaller creatures.

Spotted Purple

Spotted Purple (Original)

blue butterfly.jpg

Spotted Purple II

blue butterfly II.jpg

Spotted Purple III

blue butterfly III.jpg


hopper II


Happy Monday!

Life is full of opportunity, change, and the unexpected. Maintaining balance through the variance of it all has been a personal struggle of mine throughout the years.  I apologize on the latency of my blog for last week was one of opportunity, change, and the unexpected.

I just started a new job so my down time has become somewhat limited hence my lack of posts the previous week.  This week is looking to be far more digitally productive as my body adapts and balances.





20170717_092841 III.jpg

Playing With Flowers

Bromeliaceae (The Bromeliad)


Bromeliaceae (The Bromeliad) II

bromeliad II.jpg

Garden Rose

Garden Rose.jpg

Butterfly Bush

Painted Lady on Flower.jpg

Butterfly Bush II

Painted Lady on Flower II.jpg




Negative Butterfly: Painted Lady

Painted Lady

negative butterfly I

Painted Lady II

negative butterfly II

Painted Lady III

negative butterfly Grey