Dawn of New Age: Voice of Freedom

Hey friends, and fans I pulled this from my archives.


Dawn of New Age: Voice of Freedom

Death, smoke

Gagged, choked

 This is our life

Does it seem, right?

Home of the free

Land of the blind

No time… to help the helpless

Consumed by our own selfishness

Greed courses through our veins

Blood so bold… see the stains

Oil fuels the economy of war

Selling our souls a common whore

Hatred turns the gears of war…

The eagle has fallen… no longer will she soar

Down with the old age in with the new

It begins with me and you

Marching with pride

I cried… over the fallen, tears of the dead

All well the rich rest their heads… on their plush beds

No beds for the dead , don’t close your eyes coward… open them instead

See the light

                        Feel the fight

                                                Feel the love

                                                                           A dove… will replace the eagle of shame

                                                                                                 Who is to blame?

Is it you or is it me

I can see…

It is you, and it is me… democracy



The same damn policy, an industry called the land of the free

 I can see… now follow me

We can strive for change

It is just within range

 It takes courage to take a stand

 Take my hand… and together we will march through the land

Land of the free

Can you see?

I can see…

                The hypocrisy

                                      Of society

                                                       And democracy…

Rivers of red, leave hundreds dead

All well the ignorant remain asleep, alone in bed

 Pillow under head

They rest their heads…

They did not die in vain!

They did not die in Vain!

They think they can stop the change

This world is truly insane



                                          So depressing…

I can see the light


The darkness at hand

Our victory shall be grand

Together we will march through the land

Take my hand… as we make one last stand.




Wash the blood from your hands after a hard day’s work

Don’t forget to scrub those fingernails

Rid yourself of the filth, and the grit

Standing alone, watching in silence, as it dribbles down…


                                                                                               down, the drain…

Clockwise spiral, into the depths of the void

Where does it all go?




Another day spiraling clockwise down…


                         Down the drain… never to be seen again

Lost to the under city of pipe-land

Filtered…cleaned, reused, again, and again…

Wash the blood away…


American Dream

 American Dream
No one can hear you scream
Within the moon beam
The high beam
Standing upstream
Download Mainstream
The musical theme, of the American dream
Lullaby daydream, radioactive isotope beam melts your ice cream
Scream baby scream…
Some perverts wet dream
Pile up the whipping cream
Face cream
Cone that American dream
Coin that dream…
Ion beam, laser beam, somewhere in between
The star stream of the American dream
Scream baby scream…
Take back the regime
Dream of the dream
Taste the ice cream
Sweet peach cream 
The one true team
That true American dream
And it may seem… and surly be deemed to be mean is that that of the extreme, or an act of low self-esteem
Scream baby scream… Guess the theme?



“She is helpless against the elements… Day in, and day out the delicate flower of life endures it all.

The countless bullshit of its universe, chastised for her strength she refuses to give in…

Relentless is the wrath of God, as he cast forth his divinity raping the delicacy of her purity, and innocence.

Raw, ravaged, and tortured she battles against the constant tug of the forces around her.

Desperately clinging her roots into the soil refusing to give into the wrath of the elements at hand…





Still she thrives… in a world of unspeakable torture.

A lost soul with that of the strength of a million men, make that a zillion men, for what is the force of man compared to that of her power…

Strength to the nth power.

The flower blooms in the night…

No light…

Darkness is her strength…

The pain.

The torture, the hell she has endured it is all hers to bear!

Scars, of the world… her world…

Scars of beauty!


Hers to bare…

She stands naked in the dark no longer alone…

Her seeds have given birth to new life.

A new struggle…

A new hope for a that of a new beginning.

No longer alone…

Together she stands with her sisters Goddesses of the moon.

God’s wrath rains down once again.

Their bodies ravaged once again.

Innocence revoked…

Purity stolen…

Still they thrive!

They survive.

Together they stand.

Praying for change

It’s just within range…

The elements rage on…

Casting life into shadow.

Soon her life grows to an end.

The circle is complete…

For time has taken its hold.

The one thing she could not fight.

Yet by now the fight is no longer hers alone.

Her sisters have grown.


God unleashes his wrath one again…





It’s all the same…

And this time the game has come to an end…

Her years of countless defiance have come to an end…

God has had his last laugh.

Her silk petals fall to the ground.

Weeping with her dying breath, her body limp, cursed with age, the warrior has fallen.

With  her last breath she bestows the kiss of life to that of fellow kin.

In hope that they carry on her fight…

Through her strength , her love.

To defy god’s wrath!

Push on against the elements!

Against all odds…

To survive…”