Compliments of 2018

These are some of my favorite pictures taken from my files in remembrance of 2018.

Roses 3 Ways

Grey Rose

grey rose



Rose II


Solar Eclipse 2017

Eclipse I


Eclipse II


Eclipse III



Mountain Cloud

Although vision maybe clouded when the mind remains free the world becomes visible.

-Soren J. Johnsen


Clouded View

Mountain cloud original

Clouded View II

mountain cloud.png

Clouded View III

Mountain cloud II.png

Clouded View IV

Mountain cloud IV

Clouded View V

Mountain cloud V





Tainted Earth

Soil of the soul has been poisoned

Not by him, not by her

But my own doing

Neglected, malnourished and abandoned…

Tainted earth removed

Layer by layer

Seed gently planted

Still the soil remains neglected, and malnourished

Cultivated the earth is tilled

Tarnished soil yet again removed

The cycle of rejuvenation continues

Soul grasping for nourishment with dry withered roots

Love, self-love, minus the narcissistic bullshit

Fills the heart with rich healthy soil,

My love… not his, not hers but that of my own

Alive I thrive in the garden of my own creation


Toxic Rose

toxic flower

Inner Beauty

flower rose.jpg



Perfect drone

Eat, sleep, defecate…

Daily cycle endlessly repeats

Unaware of their true purpose

Servants of mankind born for slaughter



negative the cows

Cattle II

negative the cows II.png

Cattle III

negative the cows Grey


Negative Flower




Negative lilly

Blackeyed Susan

Negative Black-eyed Susan


Negative Before-bloom