Throne of Lies

Ashtray II

Throne of lies

Patriotic white males sit upon his throne of lies.

 Gluttony and greed embellishing their egos.

 Words of propaganda spewing from rambled mouths of insanity.

 Dismantling the lives of all who threaten their ego.

 Dominating all ho dare to take a stand.

 Inciting madness with their rants of hate… fueled by ignorance.

 The male ego engulfs.

 Control he must have control…

 The loop of abuse continues as the noose around his victims tightens.

 Watching from their throne the men laugh in triumph…

Pulling at the thread of democracy… watching freedom unravel.

Life is a game of chance and he holds all the cards…

Laughing all the while.

Bluffing with a smile.

The ego must maintain control.

 Smiting the voice of the oppressed.

Hearing not the voice of his people, they speak not his language.

Words mean nothing unless the they stroke the ego.

Mocking all those who oppose his will.

The tyrant sits upon his throne of lies.



Insta Story Episode 5


Open your eyes.

Change is in the air. A sent upon the breeze, hope drifting upon the winds of eternity. Leaves turn fires of the season. Smoke billowing from the chimneys of the warm as the witch no longer hides embracing the comfort of the magick.




Open your eyes.

Do you see beyond your own sight? So you see past the bubble of your creation that is your world. The existence of the materialistic mannerism of humanity… forever walking amongst the waking world in a state of perpetual dream.



Feathered Friends



Naked the body is but raw beauty



Emotions bleed forth as I weep in natural form…

Exposed raw to the world standing alone

Always alone…

Love is but sadness…

Beautiful sadness…

Here I stand in all my beauty…

my soul exposed… naked to the world

Rocky Rifts



Residual retaliation

Resonating rigorous rivalry

Rapidly riveting rocky rifts

Remorse renewing rejoice restful rejuvenation

Residing rampage reviving respect regrown resurrected