Birds eye


Waterfall: Anonymous

Waterfall: Anonymous

water fall

I seem to not recall
Dubbed anonymous waterfall
Forever mystery 




It starts with a tingling in the base of your spine

Electricity flowing through your soul

Pulsing within the body

grounding lifeā€¦

Alive the current flows just below the navel

A river of your soul

Coursing through the body

Emotional realmā€¦

A world pool begins to form in your stomach

Swirling vortex of the soul

Confusion and illusion purged

Controlling fireā€¦

Current turns to rapids that consume the heart

Raging through the soul

Love, compassion, everything in-between

Releasing blockageā€¦

Channeled the water calms entering the throat

Shallow voice of the soul

Mute no longer, free to speak the mind

Singing truthā€¦

The mind awakens as the tingling resumes between the imaginary eye

Intuition soothes the soul

Energy collides, creativity inspired

Eyes openā€¦

Turbulence resumes, agony taking hold peaking at the crown

Consciousness takes the soul

From pain and suffering comes bliss

Thousand petalsā€¦


20170624_000241Happy Monday!

Well last week was productive, I introduced a photography section to my website as a little experiment, and such it was very much a success! I shallĀ  be further adding to its contents throughout the week. I also have some more poetry in the works which I shall be posting, as well as another glimpse into the world of HUS! Get ready for another exciting Week! I do want to state that during the 1st through the 4th of next month I will be away on a mini vacation, so the blog will remain dormant for those 4 days but I promise to blog all about my adventures!

I hope everyone has a magical Monday, and a fantastic week!