Caged Rainbows

Caged Rainbows

Rainbows shimmer upon the breeze.
Rain washing away the stench of despair.
Light where there was once only shadows.
Momentary beauty after the waging of the storm
A passing serenity, upon the breeze of uncertainty.
Photographing the memory, for one cannot tame such beauty. Nor can one cage the vitality of a rainbow and one should never try for such a effort is but a waist of energy.


Pink Rose

Pink Rose.png

Grey Rose

Grey Rose.png

Gold Rose

Golden Rose.png


Friends and Fans I have will be releasing some of my photographs for public use my thank you for all the amazing support.

I will be adding additional photographs in the not to distant future.

Purple Haze II

Purple haze II

Pink Rose

Pink Rose



Roses 3 Ways

Grey Rose

grey rose



Rose II


Playing With Flowers

Bromeliaceae (The Bromeliad)


Bromeliaceae (The Bromeliad) II

bromeliad II.jpg

Garden Rose

Garden Rose.jpg

Butterfly Bush

Painted Lady on Flower.jpg

Butterfly Bush II

Painted Lady on Flower II.jpg




Tainted Earth

Soil of the soul has been poisoned

Not by him, not by her

But my own doing

Neglected, malnourished and abandoned…

Tainted earth removed

Layer by layer

Seed gently planted

Still the soil remains neglected, and malnourished

Cultivated the earth is tilled

Tarnished soil yet again removed

The cycle of rejuvenation continues

Soul grasping for nourishment with dry withered roots

Love, self-love, minus the narcissistic bullshit

Fills the heart with rich healthy soil,

My love… not his, not hers but that of my own

Alive I thrive in the garden of my own creation


Toxic Rose

toxic flower

Inner Beauty

flower rose.jpg

Raw Beauty

Update for all my fans!

I  released a few more photographs on my home page this one is from a mini Gallery called Raw Beauty!