Talking to the universe: Smile

Talking to the universe: Smile

Hi universe, it is me Soren.

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on our journey.

Once upon a time, I was very lost.

I hid from my true self…sometimes there are still shadows of those days.

Then we have our little talks.

You remind me to smile, even when I do not feel like doing so.

Not because society deems it to be so, you have taught me to not give a damn opinions of the week minded.

Emotions of the past, present and future they swirl about and sometimes they make it even harder to put that smile on.

Insecurities of the fabricated mind.

judgment of one’s own thoughts.

Temperance has been my enemy and my friend.

Balance sometimes all but impassable to achieve

You have taught me that this is all but human.

Not all days are successful and you have taught me that is perfectly acceptable.

Not all smiles are viable form the outside.

There are days one cannot shine their outer light and instead relies on the internal flame for guidance.

Someday s that vibration gets clouded, when the darkness of the world seeps into my soul and I find myself at your mercy.

These are the days that you come to me, as a friend.

You tell me to smile and I take your words to heart.

Even when my smile does not show and remains hidden to be seen by only that of my own shadow.


I found this poem in my files.

Enjoy the magick.


Ember left to smolder within my broken heart your eternal flame still carries on…

Burning forever and always amongst the darkness, the shadows of my aching soul.

Darkness has overtaken me.

The insanity.

Your light still shines through .

Burning softly within.

Keeping me warm, keeping me safe.

From that of my tortured mind…

Am I blind?

No I can see… I can see more clearly than ever before, even though you are gone.

Never to be seen again.

Your soul stolen by god… who the fuck does he think he is.

Selfishly I curse him for you belonged to me.

And I to you.

Just us two…

Now I sit alone.

You are everywhere.

I feel you burning within my chest.

Tired… so tired, we both must rest.

You curse me.

Haunting my dreams.

There is no escaping your ghost.

Your ember left to smolder.

My world… grows colder.

Our love will burn for eternity.

Our souls intertwined for infinity.

Your flame.

My shame.

Am I insane?




Emotions run through my soul.

My mind pays the toll…

I light a candle in your memory. A flame that is left to dance within my shatter heart of glass

Destroyed by time, stolen by god!

I curse his name; I curse such a god…

My love for you will burn forever on.

Time carries on

Life must go on

Can I move on?

I must move on.




These emotions I emanate.

You incinerate… me.

The burning within my chest had come to a rest one last test…of strength.

I blow out the flame.

Such pain.

So much pain…

I know the remorse will subside.

The pain of the flame.

The ember.


Why must I remember?

Thump… thump… beating of the heart.

Remember the hate.

Remember the love.

Remember the pain.

Remember the flame.

I remember it all…