Twin flame

Twin Flame

Two paths

Souls traversing parallel journeys

Yet every so often they converge

Two hearts, reuniting as one

The reunion of the twin heart.


First comes trust

Most always there is a magnetic connection

Instinctively each knows that life has changed

Confusion usually follows

Then comes the sorrow.


Perhaps one has a partner

Perhaps the other is gay

Perhaps the universe has chosen to divide them

One cannot surpass fate

Division for the twin flame is all but inevitable.


Two hearts once again separate

Separate beats

Separate souls

Yet each has taken a new experience with them

A new light in times of uncertainty.


Sometimes the story has a happy ending

Some flames beat the odds

Some twins split to travel down life’s journey only to reunite again somewhere down the road

Others never see each other again, a sad but true fate…

Yet each twin remains evolved.


In the end the twin flame experience is one known only to those who have experienced its emotion. Perhaps it is sought and manifested by those who have yet to attain its flame.  A true paradox of its existence.  

Tree Love

Tree love

Light slipping through your fingers.

Leaves painting your nails.

Shadows illuminating the silhouette of your body.

I stop and stair, memorized by your enchantment.

You catch my breath and I cannot help but to stair, watching you move between the wind.

A dance of entrapment, ancient as time.

Roots firmly grounded, even in times of such inanity.

Note to the Universe

Greetings universe, it is me Soren aka Starlord.

We talk often, sometimes I wonder if I am bothering you, yet you seem not to mind.

You fill my heart with temperance, in times of confusion and disarray.

I thank you, for I would without a doubt be forever lost without your friendship.

I come to you today not with worries or troubles.

Oh, I have many, you know this to be true.

But for today, they are my own…today I come to talk to you.

I come not to talk about god, nor goddess and such.

I come not to ask for forgiveness, although we have been down such routs before.

Today I simply thank you. I thank you for your friendship which has been very much needed in these times of uncertainty.

I thank you for your compassion, and your conflict too.

I know I have not been the easiest of students; I have behaved like a Capricorn more than once if you get my drift.

Despite our differences, despite or confusion and our clashing of our ways you stuck by my side.

Teaching me lessons of humility and ego that I could not have overcome without your guidance.

I stand here humbled, no longer blind.

Fear of demons is not something I hold, for I have faced my own.

I have held my demons hand and learned the true test of chariot.

You taught me manifestation, to create my own reality instead of following trends of others.

You taught me to embrace my higher self and take pride in my uniqueness.

When once I shuffled the deck, praying for cards to align you taught me to go with the flow.

I thank you universe for this is a lesson that I could not have discovered without your patience.


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