Through the looking glass

Through the looking glass

Words stain the walls of time

The voice of the people

Sing in the pursuit of happiness

Tunnel art

Flower for the cause


Throne of Lies

Ashtray II

Throne of lies

Patriotic white males sit upon his throne of lies.

 Gluttony and greed embellishing their egos.

 Words of propaganda spewing from rambled mouths of insanity.

 Dismantling the lives of all who threaten their ego.

 Dominating all who dare to take a stand.

 Inciting madness with their rants of hate… fueled by ignorance.

 The male ego engulfs.

 Control he must have control…

 The loop of abuse continues as the noose around his victims tightens.

 Watching from their throne the men laugh in triumph…

Pulling at the thread of democracy… watching freedom unravel.

Life is a game of chance and he holds all the cards…

Laughing all the while.

Bluffing with a smile.

The ego must maintain control.

 Smiting the voice of the oppressed.

Hearing not the voice of his people, they speak not his language.

Words mean nothing unless the they stroke the ego.

Mocking all those who oppose his will.

The tyrant sits upon his throne of lies.

Dawn of New Age: Voice of Freedom

Hey friends, and fans I pulled this from my archives.


Dawn of New Age: Voice of Freedom

Death, smoke

Gagged, choked

 This is our life

Does it seem, right?

Home of the free

Land of the blind

No time… to help the helpless

Consumed by our own selfishness

Greed courses through our veins

Blood so bold… see the stains

Oil fuels the economy of war

Selling our souls a common whore

Hatred turns the gears of war…

The eagle has fallen… no longer will she soar

Down with the old age in with the new

It begins with me and you

Marching with pride

I cried… over the fallen, tears of the dead

All well the rich rest their heads… on their plush beds

No beds for the dead , don’t close your eyes coward… open them instead

See the light

                        Feel the fight

                                                Feel the love

                                                                           A dove… will replace the eagle of shame

                                                                                                 Who is to blame?

Is it you or is it me

I can see…

It is you, and it is me… democracy



The same damn policy, an industry called the land of the free

 I can see… now follow me

We can strive for change

It is just within range

 It takes courage to take a stand

 Take my hand… and together we will march through the land

Land of the free

Can you see?

I can see…

                The hypocrisy

                                      Of society

                                                       And democracy…

Rivers of red, leave hundreds dead

All well the ignorant remain asleep, alone in bed

 Pillow under head

They rest their heads…

They did not die in vain!

They did not die in Vain!

They think they can stop the change

This world is truly insane



                                          So depressing…

I can see the light


The darkness at hand

Our victory shall be grand

Together we will march through the land

Take my hand… as we make one last stand.