Curse of the human spirit

In honor of the amazing and brave individuals across my nation and beyond who are protesting their right to exist in a world where they can freely be seen and heard, (not talking about the ones who just want haircuts).

Curse of the human spirit

Eyes closed to that which comfort ceases.

A reminder of a sin that repeats through time.

Pattern of abuse aided by the cycle of insanity.

Minds conditioned from birth.

Words of false freedom.

Lies to fill the belly of the beast.

And such the next generation is born.


Division through democracy.

Coin of chance that favors those of the few.

Thoughts repressed for fear of change.

Yet one cannot silence history.

You can rewrite history and repackage it with a shiny label.

You can sell history to the highest bidder.

Yet you cannot silence the voice of the people.


Thoughts cannot be controlled, only stalled.

Minds cannot be repressed only stagnated.

Human spirit cannot be bound only weighed down, by the insanity of the material world.

By those of the privileged.

By those democracy has come to favor.

They can try to divide the people and so history has shown to be part of the cycle.

Yet when we stand united, with our eyes open to the present, never forgetting the past…it is then that we can work to build a future.


A future that does not just favor the few.

A future that is not divided by democracy.

A future in which humanity comes first before profit.

-Love & Light


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